Great game. Strategy, tactics, memory and knowledge of history are the keys to enjoy a different game. An original alternative to all the conventional letter games.

To learn history. Each letter of the game proposes to discover 48 generals and conquerors who were part of universal history: San Martín, Alexander Magno, Julio Caesar, Patton, Rommel, Bolivar, Atila, Gengis Khan... and many more.

Three games for children and adults. This game includes variants with different levels from complexity for all the ages.

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much it leaves the shipment to me from 2 games to Buenos Aires? MX thanks.
Rta: The shipment from 2 games to Buenos Aires leaves 7 pesos to you plus the price the games. Greetings.The anonymous user said...Greetings, where I can buy this game, in Bariloche... Greetings. Rta: In Bariloche there is so far point of sale no. You can

Joan said...
A question for the forum: Why there is as much difference between Ricardo I and Saladino in Human Factor, if the Crossed ones were so bloody for Christians and Muslims? Rta: Although he was bloodthirsty, when Saladino reconquers Jerusalem pardons the life to him to numerous Christians to restrain the slaughter between Muslims and Christians that had been decades. Ricardo Heart of Leon, was creator of the denominated slaughter of the Pungent city, where thousands and thousands of Muslims died. Of ahi the difference in the puntaje of Factor Humano (FH). Thanks for your message and any doubt, escribenos an email to.

Joaquin said...Hello. As much San Martín as Bolivar was great representatives of the great men who forged Latin America. The anonymous user said...Hello, he wanted to ask why Bolivar has 9 in Human Factor and San Martín 10, must not have the same? And another doubt: for which Julio Caesar has 9 in Estrategia and Alexander 9 in Resources Deserves 10 no? Although weno, I suppose were measured nesesarias to match and to avoid a triple 10. Rta: In the first place we must clarify that 8, 9 and 10 are all very good puntajes. With respect to I raise of Bolivar and San Martín, Bolivar had throughout their political race certain ambition of power that did not demonstrate San Martín. Nevertheless, the total average of Simón Bolivar (45) by on the 44 of San Martín, recognizes it like the most important liberator of South America.With respect to the 9 in Strategy of Julio Caesar, first it is necessary to say the red Strategy is a roster (ordering) all were great strategists and for that reason they deserved a place in the game. Nevertheless, Julio Caesar is known a series of great Roman generals who forged a shining Empire. Napoleón and Alexander Magno (that have 10) made it almost single. Aníbal with the Carthaginians and Rommel in North Africa (also with 10), can be said that "they really removed water to him to stones".As far as the Resources of Alexander Magno, although it had an inferior army 5 times to the Persians, these were inferior as far as tactics and equipment. But it is certain what you say, in certain headings was neesario an adjustment of puntajes to avoid too many empates.Muchas thanks for your contribution. Any other consultation, advice, recommendation or critic, podés to write in the forum (next we will qualify one more interactive) or escribinos without problems to The anonymous user said...To drain itself is important when one has inferior amount of letters. It is the only form to avoid that they happen to you through above.Nahuel said...For Jose who wrote before. Clear Jose, is part fundamental of the game to be able to form 4, 5 or even 3 columns. Of this form podés to concentrate more all your I exercise. In addition, of that form, lográs that if the other has its six columns, some are inposibilitadas to attack. And if ahi has valuable letters, better. The only thing that podés not to do is to have more than 4 letters in each column (4 rows backwards). Greetings. Jose said...I have a doubt with respect to the movement of letters in the table. Let us suppose that I have left 10 or 15 letters and I do not want to form 6 columns to group plus my I exercise I can? I can make five or four columns? The anonymous user said...I believe that they have badly interpreted me by my last 2 commentaries but the only thing that I want it is one second edition nothing else so that all we know that they are but of 48 extremely important generals I suggest one second edition and that the only change to the game is that both masos are revuelvan (as option) and juege 48 against 48 or 24 and 24 of both masos are chosen (or they distribute). I create would be a great idea to inculcar to these ignorantes generations. I have understood that the game takes but of 5 years in the market, seems to me a good moment for one second edition. If it is by lack of silver, I live in the USA and am arranged to invest, I am not rich but really I like the idea and the game is better than any letter game. I leave some names them that podrian to be good options for the second edition: Shaka Zulu, Hitler, Belgrano, Carlos I, Federico II, Morelos, Robert And Lee(a my even pareser more good than Napoleon or Alexander), Aecio, Fidel I castrate, Catherine the great one, Juana de Arco, Augusto, Chuikov, the Cid, Espartaco, Foch, Hidenburg, Jackson Stonewall, Jellicoe The Lord of the Is, Lenin, Meiji, Nobunaga, Log, Mussolini, Petain, Qin, Richthofen "Baron Rojo"(el swarm the flying circus that commanded demolished but of 600 airplanes losing less than 50 in case reader thought algun who the single era a flying ace), Teodocio I the great one, Pancho Villa, William Wallace and many more. These are some of not so known but equally shining. I wait for listen to my requests because the truth is urgent one second edition to me and to the rate that goes it seems that never it is going to leave; saquenla although is 100 limited edition and although dolares costs, I I buy it. Rta: it is all good. They interest the discussions on the subject, that means that history matters to him to many. With respect to your suggestions as far as the new personages, there is a team of people working in that. Several of which you propose to us are already in folder. Although the game has been existing for several years, just now has been begun to produce massively, before only circulated in scopes to under. Total thanks! and any escribinos doubt or suggestion to

The anonymous user said...
In first he spoke of Moctezuma I, if they want unifying that one is Shaka Zulu, that unified the south of Africa and in addition it defended his territories of the britanicos (with politica and military man in 2 ocaciones). In Second San Martín and Bolivar also they were revolutionaries who no? that they fought against fuersas Spanish decimated by the war with Napoleón, however in Mexico was fought against realists who querian to follow under the espanola crown and if they do not want to put to Morelos so that nonIturbide? To him he took 1 year him to overcome the realists and tube many problems now the only difference of America of Sur and Mexico is not numetro of countries but Bolivar freed the only one Great single Colombia who was mancos and they divided that is the only difference. The third game you said it is aserca of conquerors and general then why they count the politica race of Grant on the abilities of Lee, Lee faced I exercise with the double of men and the strategy of Grant went to massacre its own soldiers to debilitate Lee who in the end surrendered after 4 years military with I exercise without food without provisions without arms without shoes and pelio by 4 anuses them memory that in Waterloo, its Napoleon favorite lost because enemy Lee could not surpass the numerical advantage hiso in many ocaciones and Grant was corrupt during his presidential period. The corruption bloomed its nickname was the butcher to kill so many of its soldiers perdio 50,000 in 6 months whereas single Lee 25. 000. And fourth, because Hitler detras of World War II was the masterful mind and I conquer all Europe with Swiss exception, Sweden, Spain, Russia, England and Portugal but I agree Rommel is better. Rta: Dear friend, first I recommend to you that you buy the game, in one of ours links you are going to find the way to acquire it. Because it is clear that you do not know it, are 48 printed letters, with drawings, texts and scores that would be to us quite onerous to modify them and to include other personages. Second, each letter contains six headings with different virtues, if we put to all súperestrategas that with little they did much, the game would be boring. We looked for the personages by personal merits but that is complemented, with the limited number of letters we yes or yes loved an Aztec, an Inca, a Chinese, a Japanese, two liberators, people of II the War, etc. We were unjust with several, the Chileans not to put it to ÓHiggins, with the Indians, those of the I World war, with most of the Latin American revolutionaries, Sandino, the glorious Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa and our Che Guevara. Third, to Hitler only we would put in another game different with others crápulas from its nature (if he had been so good strategist never had put with the USSR). Quarter, grilla where figure first Napoleón was only the product of a solitary version of the game, without too much importance. At the moment to that grilla we divided it in three divisions with results that we will show soon. In short, I hope that we have removed some doubt to you (I do not believe that all) and that someday pudas to play our game. Thank you very much by your contributions, they are very interesting.The anonymous user said...I must say that the idea is extremely good but also I must say that the Bolivars and San Martin, perhaps, are important for their countries but they were not the so good military as others. Example: Hitler or Robert And Lee. Also Grant was an idiot I win to him to Lee by numerical advantage. To include Moctezuma? Pff, better Morelos. Napoleón said once: "Denme 10 Morelos and I conquer to the world". He did not say to that of Bolivar or San Martin or if? Another thing, Alaxander is better than Napoleon? Why? Alexander I overthrow to an empire extremely superior with elephants military and numerical disadvantage from at least 1 to 10. But in short, I must say that to the game this weno.Rta: Wanted usuary anonymous: we felt mainly flattered by your commentaries and by your critics. If you talk about Moctezuma, much people - thinking that it is Moctezuma II messages have sent us asking porqué we included it if it had been defeated by Courteous Hernán. We talked about Moctezuma I (1397-1496), that consolidated the Aztec Empire during its reign. As well as incluímos to Pachacútec, that did the same with the Incas.Con with respect to Morelos, we considered a revolutionary and Nabuko treats on generals and conquerors. We did not doubt that the two more important figures of the Latin American independence, bad that to Napoleón weighs to him, were Bolivar and San Martín. Between both they released practically all the Hispanic South America. However Morelos bravely died in 1815 without to have obtained its praiseworthy cometido.Con with respect to General Lee, was a valid option in the creation of the game, but the General Grant (we do not know yes if he were stupid, that it liked enough the alcohol), to his performance in the War of Secession, added political activity to him who marked American history. Hitler? It is Rommel, that yes was a Nazi general. Hitler was a dictator, for that reason she does not comprise of this game. Any other restlessness, we are for responding it and if she is critical, Better! ... To read more commentaries: in the Forum.

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the game in the school Nowadays is unquestionable the psicopedagógico value of the game in the childhood, since it makes possible a harmonious growth of the body, intelligence, the affectivity, the creativity and the sociability. The game performs a key function as far as the development of social behaviors, concretely, of the cooperation, as well as of aspects of the personality like the perseverancia, concentration, reflection and autonomy. The toy is the instrument through as the process of the game is made. A good toy must stimulate the imagination to trigger the mechanisms of the game and to enrich its scene, favoring the interaction, assuring the communication and perfecting the made activity. Game and learning are near terms, since there are important acquisitions that are obtained in the childhood through playful situations. Through the game, the professor can analyze many aspects of the boy, since he offers a most valuable information on knowledge such as lingüísticas capacities, understanding of social and natural means, dominion of certain skills, etc. General the Statutory law of Sistema Educativo (LOGSE) takes a step ahead in the use of the toy like educative resource, although it is still much to do, specially in the stage of Primary Education. Pedagogía is necessary to favor one "playful", which it supposes the creation of a climate in the classroom characterized by activities that lay the ways of the imagination and stimulate the thought individual.El classroom is the place where niños/as has more possibilities of playing with equal, other children of the same age. In addition, in the school the game can be enriched. For the use of the toy in the classroom, the educational one must provide equipped spaces, time to play and a selection of toys and materials that respond to the necessities, I interest, levels of knowledge and skills, and rates of development of the children and children.